Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Blog, Running and Reading, and Ale with Profs

1) I've updated my profile information somewhat. There was finally a new random question I found interesting.

2) Reading and Running today was insane. Two of the coaches for my team were absent, so it was only Sarah and I with a bunch of relatively misbehaving children. Abbey admitted to me that the best part of her day is annoying me; she doesn't really annoy me, though, as I'm too amused by her antics at this point to be annoyed. Sarah says that Abbey behaves well with her, so I'm starting to think that Abbey has transitioned from behaving poorly to behaving poorly around me. This likely bodes well, as it means that she likely behaves better when I'm not there. I can take her nonsense, so I don't mind if she misbehaves when I'm gone. Maybe she will win a prize for good behaviour after all.
On which note, my buddy Kurtis is mad at me. I didn't pick him for the prize this week. Hannah, who is quite rules-oriented, reminded me that I have to consult Sarah about who gets the prize. I didn't need this reminder as I always do consult the other coaches; I think Hannah wanted to ensure I didn't engage in favouritism when picking the winning kid. I don't care if I spend a lot of time with Kurtis--he's still not getting a prize until he's earned it, and today he was not on his best behaviour. So he got angry when I didn't pick him after all his begging, and he wouldn't talk to me. I am sure he will have forgotten about it by next week.
Overall it was a crazy week. When I did consult Sarah, she seemed to have trouble thinking of anyone who would be deserving of a prize.

3) The English Department Students' Council is hosting Ale with Profs tonight, and I shall be attending. It starts at 7:00, though I likely won't arrive exaclty on time. Also, it's not far from where I live, so no problems there. It should be fun. It does mean I have less time to work, though. I need to brush my teeth first too. I had garlicky food for supper.

I think that is all for now?

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