Wednesday, 18 February 2009

xkcd Is Delightful(ly Evil)

This would cause a furor, wouldn't it?
See the original at xkcd for the scroll-over.
Incidentally, I am not happy that my student government went and joined that Canadian Campus Alliance thing or whatever it's called. Did you know that student governments which are part of that Alliance cannot support or acknowledge pro-life groups? That's right. It seems that the CCA thinks pro-life=women-hating or abortionist-hating or something. They consider pro-life groups hate groups. I wonder how the campus will respond. How many pro-choicers who would otherwise be on the freedom-of-speech bandwagon if any other group was ignored will in this case either ignore the issue or support the CCA's decision? More than the pro-choice and freedom of speech movements will care to admit, I bet.

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Kay said...

You're very right.

As a woman, it annoys me when people consider "pro-life" to be against having a choice over how you want to live your life. Or they consider it to be an oppression of freedom and choice.

Well, how about these same people consider having some responsibility over their right to freedom?

I hate to have to quote George Bush, but when he said "there should be a limit to freedom", he's damn right. Mind you, the context in which he made such a statement may have been questionable (war on terrorism, blah blah), but the statement itself is true when we acknowledge the fact that all our actions bear consequences that need consideration. It infuriates me that people rioted over such a statement without seriously thinking about what "limits to freedom" could really mean.

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