Sunday, 15 February 2009

Reading Week


I am now home for Reading Week. This may translate into ample posting, but it may not. I have a lot of reading to do (how appropriate) and a packing/piling/organising for an impending move. Yes, the whole family will be out to Alberta this summer instead of just my Dad, my brother, and I. Since I spend almost no time here at home, I need to start the preparation now.

I am researching schools in New Zealand, though that's piece away. My Dad just suggested last night that I look at schools in South Africa as well, so I will do this. South Africa could also be interesting. I will need to look at their indigenous people's religious systems, though, to see if they are compatible with what I might be interested in studying. So far, of the schools in New Zealand, the University of Otago seems best. This is a strange coincidence, as I have a friend planning on attending that school as well.

I have little news beyond that. At least, none that relates to this format of a post.

Later, all,

English Clergyman

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