Friday, 30 October 2009

7 Quick Takes (XV)

1. If you read the previous post, you'd know that I've been working on a portfolio, for which I have spent the last five nights in a state of writerly productivity. I produced better than 25 pages of a YA novel. It's a longish story. I can't apply to the UBC Creative Writing program with my first choice fiction and my second choice poetry if I want to get in. I think I told you this. So I'm instead going 1) Chilren's Lit/YA, 2) Creative Non-Fiction, and 3) Fiction. (I might bump fiction up to number 1.) This means I had to write actual Young Adult stuff for my portfolio. Hence my working on a novel. I like this novel, though, and I might just finish it. NaNoWriMo is up-coming, and I might take advantage of that. You know how I like Internet bandwagons! Anyway, because of this, I don't have too much to tell you. I might get 7 nonetheless...

2. It's been snowing on and off; it usually melts within a day or less, and a lot of it has been wet, sloppy stuff. I hear we're getting 10cm this weekend, though. The dog will like it, and I'd prefer white stuff to wet stuff. Always have.

3. When I go to work, it's dark out. The sun rises about 25 minutes into my shift, though I'll have been at my workplace for 45 minutes or more by then. Since dawn (ie. light on the horizon, sun not yet visible) is less than 45 minues before sunrise, I actually walk from the main building to my building in darkness. Fortunately there is a light above the ramp, which can be slippery, and the city itself gives off enough of a glow behind me that the pale faces of the buildings are just visible in the darkness. Daylight savings ends this weekend, so the sun shall rise before my shift for the next month or so.

4. Geez, I don't know if I do have seven.

5. I read City of Ember before beginning my writing project. I had watched the movie made out of it before I read it. The book was similar, though not identical. They movie-ified it.

6. I signed up to be a server at church. The meeting for it is on Sunday.

7. I am on a new used computer. That is, it's new for me, but second-hand. They were going to toss it at work, and I scavanged it. Or, more accurately, I was given it by the person who was going to throw it out, as she was aware I had computer issues.

Well, except for a cheat at #4, I have 7. That's all for now, amigos.

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