Saturday, 31 October 2009

A Really Tough Blog

I found a new blog: Delightfully Scattered Thoughts. It's very tough. The topics it deals with are not light reading. What this woman deals with is so entirely out of my realm of experience that I don't know how to react. Some of this stuff is haunting.

I am not encouraging you to read this, especially if you want the protective 'everything's okay' bubble around your life to stay as it is. If you want a challenge, though, perhaps you could read her blog.


englishrain said...

Hello. I write the blog you're referring to in this post. Thanks for stopping by. The material is, indeed, tough. I can't imagine what it's like to try and conceptualise it from the outside, so to speak. Within the darkness of it, though, I try to add a bit of humour. Nothing like a good laugh to soften any blow. :)
It's my hope that other survivors of SRA can feel a bit less alone.


Christian H said...

I keep forgetting people can actually see that I've linked to them.

Yes, I first started reading your blog (addressing englishrain here) because I saw a funny post about a somewhat unorthodox marriage. It was only after that did I read about things that could be a touch upsetting for some. Like SRA.

Kay said...

Thanks for writing this, englishrain.. and Christian, thanks for linking it. It's good for us to read about experiences beyond our own realm of reality, and to make the connection that those experiences are very much real to those who have them. Great eye-opener.

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