Saturday, 10 October 2009

Additions to the 7

I forgot these two last night. I got up to seven a bit too soon.

8. It's snowing up here now. Apparently it does not usually stay on the ground for long, but a light dusting of snow has been here for a few days now. I have heard that the second last week of October or so usually gives us one more blast of warmth.

9. We had Turkey Day dinner on Thursday night. This is because my Dad works straight through this weekend, so Monday night's a no-go for us. We had a chicken and not a turkey, with taters and carrots and parsnips and stuffing and spinach.
Americans: in Canada, we celebrate our harvest festival at actual harvest time, not in early winter. (Okay, okay, I realize that November is harvest time in some of the US. Still not convinced it would have been for those pilgrims you always see eating the pumpkins, though.)
Non-Northern North Americans: Turkey Day is slang for Thanksgiving, which is a stat day in Canada and the US. If you watch American telly, I assume you know what Thanksgiving is.

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