Friday, 30 October 2009

Bleg: My Best Blog Posts

OK, so I have 42 double-spaced pages worth of blog posts I just might be able to revise into something readable or even impressive. I need to narrow this down a bit (25 pages maximum), and would like your help. I'll list the post titles on here and set them up as links and, if you are willing, you click on a sampling and either read them or remember them, and tell me some must-includes and some must-not-includes. Or an if-you-include-this-you-must-not-keep-the-last-paragraph or two. Actually, I won't usually be keeping the last paragraph.

I also need to decide how I'm going to edit these. I realized selecting these how entirely my tone and references rely on these being blog posts. Should I try to adjust them so they read like opinion pieces, or leave in the blog qualities?

I realize this is a lot of reading if you were to go through all of them. Since this is a bleg, don't feel like you need to read them all.

Oh, right, criteria: I want to convince professional writers that I am already decent at writing and also have potential to be even better. They are looking for something we my own opinionated voice, not something formal (ie. academic) or journalistic. I hope that my Fiction and Children's Lit sections will already be pretty strong, but this section will be important too.


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Movie Review
Choosing Certainty over Accuracy
Doing the (un)Desirable
My Campus has Exploded (I'm really unsure about including this one)
On Soundtracks
Zombi Attack!
Being Christian in Public
Feminism: A Rant
Dawkins' Style I: Offensiveness
Moonstone the Skunk
How to Make a Casserole

And if you know of other posts that you think we well-executed and think I ought to include, let me know.


Christian H said...

You guys haven't commented yet? I posted, what, half an hour ago already!

Christian H said...

Nevermind. I'm pretty much ready to send this off now.
If it isn't yet Tuesday, I'll still take advice, but I'm not actively seeking it any more.

Christian H said...

So if you had decided, for some reason, to discuss this at such a date, I hope you read this and note that I have now in fact sent my application away. However, I might put these in the sidebar as a "My Favourite Posts" sort of a thing, for wanderers new and old.

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