Friday, 14 August 2009

7 Quick Takes (V)

1. My brother's gone back to school.

2. As I said before, the dog is here. She's getting on in age, but she's still doing well. She was tired last week, but now she has much more energy and constantly craves attention (and treats).
Her back legs are stiff, though, so sometimes requires assistance when trying to stand up on the linoleum floor.

3. On Wednesday evening, I went to a staff (Heritage Park) potluck. I made a pasta: penne with two parts alfredo sauce and one part tomato sauce, mixed with fresh diced tomatoes, oregano, basil, and thyme, covered in grated cheddar and baked in the oven for fifteen minutes at 350 degrees. The food that the others brought was quite good. There was a curry-base dish with chickpeas which I quite liked, numerous excellent desserts, perogies... I can't remember it all, but I quite enjoyed the food. I spent most of the time with Brett and Brody (sons of the receptionist and, interestingly enough, my brother's co-workers) and Ross and Ben (brothers of co-workers). These are pretty agreeable guys. I barely knew Ross and had never met the others, but I enjoyed it. I didn't really spend much time talking to the girls. They seem to have established cliques or social patterns which I do not fit into. That's fine, of course, and understandable. Most of them will be leaving in a few weeks.

4. I have received a number of old books, most of which I will not read. Josh (my coworker at the Marine Park) and I cleaned out an old trailer full of stuff, and in it was a box of books that were going to be thrown out. Books! Of course I had to rescue them. Most are your cliche fantasy types (at least half have "Dragon" in the title, and one has "Elf"). I don't think I'll keep a single book (they'll go to the Salvation Army or the used book store), but I will likely keep the Archie Digests. What a nostalgia trip, reading those. I'm going to write a post about them at some point. The social dynamics in them are fascinating.

5. We've been having trouble getting work done at the Marine Park. Guys from Ceda came to blast off the old paint and rust from the deck of one of the barges, using a high-pressure washer. This was on Wednesday. We were planning to paint the deck on Thursday, but that was a no-go. It was too rainy. So we worked at Heritage Park instead (during which the previous entry happened). Then today we were going to paint it, but in the morning we saw water standing on the deck and it was too damp when the supervisor made the call. Not half an hour after the supervisor left it warmed up enough, dried up enough, and the water evaporated. If it weren't for half an hour of rain after 1 o'clock, it would have been perfect painting weather. What do you know? I'll be painting Monday, I suppose.

6. Oh! I nearly forgot! My mother and I went to interPlay on Saturday. It was entertaining enough. We saw a performer in the little open-air theatre where the library used to be. He juggled impressively, at fire, that sort of thing. Good performer. Then we saw another busker on the street. He was an escape artist type, though he also swallowed a balloon and did a strange trick with his hands, where he bent them backwards oddly. It was hard to tell what he did. It was neat.

7. Today was my co-worker's last day. I'll be alone at work much of the time. It was good working with him. He kept me entertained. Jon, he'd remind you of Dave Griese, in that he says racist and sexist things all the time, and you're never sure if he means them or not. He drives some people nuts (quite intentionally), but I don't get offended easily. I'll enjoy the solitude for a while (I always enjoy solitude at first), but perhaps I'll start to get lonely in time.

That's seven. Go see the Quick Takes Queen. And while I'm making plugs, I encourage you to read PA's Automata series. The first page is here, and the second is here. The remainder you can get to by hitting "Next" from the second page.
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