Monday, 24 August 2009


I want everyone I know to blog. Moreover, I want their blogs to entirely capture their own voice... which is to say, I want them to type in the sort of rhythms and patterns that they would normally speak (or at least more formally write) in, without the intrusion of Internet speak (excepting, of course, things like "lol" which have become too commonplace to concern me). Furthermore, I want that voice to express those things about the person that I find most interesting.

Have you ever had someone you just loved to listen to? Sometimes (often) it is their actual audible voice--I could listen to Dustin Hoffman read off binary codes, for instance--but there are also those people whose cadances and choices in vocabulary or figure are so aesthetic that the actual words they choose are as much a reason to listen to them as whatever it is they've chosen to talk about? It's obviously even better if their chosen topics of conversation are equally as appealing. A neighbour of mine in Ontario, Mr. (Rev., to his congregation) Lekx was like that for me. Everything from his scratchy Dutch-accented voice to his language selection to his anecdotes and explanations was appealing to listen to. Easily one of the best parts of the neighbourhood barbeques was John's story-telling.

I would like it if everyone I knew had a blog, and the things they posted exactly expressed all of the reasons I do like listening to them and none of the reasons I might not. I do not want this as a replacement for conversation so much as the fact that a) people often express things on blogs they're too shy to in real life and b) I can't really talk to people all that much from out here.

The reason this thought/wish/fantasy came to me was that I realized I would like to read the blog of a particular co-worker. Her speech-patterns, topics of conversation, and general tone are wonderful to hear, and I hope that they would come across in a blog, were she to have one. I don't know if she does, because I just added her to Facebook when I got home from work and she hasn't yet accepted. By which I mean, if she has a blog and if she has the address on her Facebook profile, I wouldn't know, as I haven't been able to see it. But there are very many people whose blogs I would like to read and comment on.

On another note, I twice accidentally typed "Facenook" instead of "Facebook" in the above paragraph. Do not put that into your address bar and hit enter. I did once by mistake.


Jon Wong said...

I posted once about how people who blog have to be ok with having their thoughts and ideas held up to public scrutiny. You simply cannot blog publicly and use the ever-so-popular but realistically inaccurate phrase, "don't judge me". You can only freely blog if you're the kind of person who invites judgment (a.k.a. opinions about your opinions) from others.

There's the problem. In today's world, I am noticing more and more people who jump on the "don't judge me" bandwagon (the first years on my floor LOVED this phrase). Do you think it is likely for people who have this phobia of judgment to consider blogging? I doubt it.

Izzy said...

I am not a "FaceNook" person but I do enjoy Blogging from time to time. I share your craving for the blogger's personality to be embossed into their posts. I too enjoy individuality and try to convey as much of mine that I am comfortable with in my Blog.

Mike D

Christian H said...

Update: she does not have a blog URL on her Facebook profile.

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