Monday, 17 August 2009

Computer Issues

So my old computer that I used throughout university is pooched. The tech doctor says that the motherboard and ram are fried, so I'm going to need to get a new one. I haven't used it since April, see, as 1) it had been in Ontario before Convocation and 2) I hadn't been able to get the tower to work with my Dad's moniter once I got it to Alberta.
When my Mom came up, she brought her computer, so I gave the tower a whirl with my Mom's moniter and peripherals. That was a no-go. So, we go to the computer place, and I've already told you what we learned.

I had them take out the hard drive and I bought one of those exterior/case/reader things for an external hard drive. Sometime when I feel like hooking it up, I will, and then I'll at last be able to get at my files.

Also, there are developments in the "getting a private computer department" for me. Maybe I'll be able to write somewhat more productively then. Not that I'll be able to produce lots of time from the aether (though I could perhaps cut down my hour-long Internetting each night--Webmail doesn't need to be checked every single day), but there are weekends, right?

In other news, I watched Gran Torino and Coraline yesterday, and went to St. Thomas' Anglican Church (which is across the road). All three are surely comment-worthy, but I might not actually get around to it.

And I've written a post to be published on Wednesday, so you can be sure there'll be at least one thing to read before the next 7 Quick Takes. Maybe I won't have to check my blog again until then! I could write! Or read! Or something.

Penultimately, grammatical errors still drive me insane. Today I almost volunteered to edit a local periodical for free every week just to prevent the comma misplacement. OK, so maybe I didn't have the phone in my hand, but it was still irksome. I need to work on this.
Lastly, I'm starting on Ezra tonight.

Lates, my home-fries,

English Clergyman

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The New Animation Nick said...

That sucks about the computer. I wonder how/when that happened.
Also, cool pictures.
Additionally, you made up your own poetic form. Man, you crazy.

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