Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A Quick Word

What with my brother headed to Oakville, my co-worker leaving by week's end, and the frequency of blog updates surrounding the concept of going to school, it has at last sunk on an affective level that I am not returning to Queen's.

I am not upset--that would require more emotion than I'm willing to muster--but I do feel somewhat hollow. Or bored, maybe. Not in a "I can't find anything to do" way, but a "I won't be doing anything I really like for a substantially long period of time" way.

I am not trying to cultivate pity, here. I just mentioned some time ago that I was waiting for my graduation to sink in, so I figured I'd indicate that it did. Also, if I don't post something tonight, it'll likely be until the next 7 Takes before I do.


Cait said...

when do your brother's classes start? It's only Aug 16 isn't it earlier to be heading back to school?

Christian H said...

He wanted to get some work done ahead of time. He also likely wanted to see friends, etc.

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