Friday, 21 August 2009

7 Quick Takes (VI)

1. As it has been doing almost all summer, it has rained a lot this week. I had some painting to do, and now I can't get it done because of this cursed rain. I understand that much of the country's agriculture and livestock is suffering because of plants' general inability to grow in standing water without sun.
Working outdoors really makes you appreciate the weather more.

2. I have realized that I am a graduate who spends most of his time on the computer in his parents' basement. Even though this is temporary, the fact that this has come true is depressing.
Though I'll actually note that "most of my his time" is an exaggeration. I spend maybe an hour and a half a day, which is far better than some people.

3. I attended an area church this past Sunday. I think I will attend here regularly. This church (Anglican--not what I'm used to) mixes the more ceremonial vestments and altars and hand-washing with more up-beat Bethel-like (for Queen's students and alum) music. It is a small church. I will discuss more in time, because I think it is an interest environment/community, but need to know more before I gain any insights.

4. Let's see. You've read about my computer and such.
Oh! I used a pressure washer this past Tuesday. I was removing paint from the side of a historical building (per curator's orders, don't worry). Not that this is a hugely exciting task, but, you know, it's one more piece of equipment I can use.

5. That reminds me: I am now spending every morning working at Heritage Park (cleaning washrooms, doing garbages, watering flowers) before going to the Marine Park. This isn't for sure, but I might just have an interesting project at work at the end of September. It may have to do with on-line design, too. Which means the completed project will be link-able.
In fact, my work on this project (if it happens) will immediately follow the next entry...

6. I am going to go to Ontario for a visit in late September. Destinations: Oakville, Kingston, Windsor. I am getting excited (but it's still a bit away). This will also mark a cusp point in my work: before this, I am still mainly at the Marine Park, while after this, I will be beginning the afore-mentioned project.

7. I am still reading Book Three of The Faerie Queene, though I will soon move on to Book Four. I am now on Nehemiah in the OT, and dabbling occasionally into Prince Caspian. I am feeling like I want a new book.
And, incidentally, I think I traced a prototype of Gollum in Canto Ten of Book Three of the Faerie Queene. I'm dead serious. We know that Lewis and Tolkein read The FQ, and likely read it in depth. I think we can see an early precursor to Aslan in Book One. So I don't think it's a stretch that one particular character in Book Three was the ancestor of the ill-fated Smeagol. Of course, Tolkein expanded the relevance of the character and made him far more interesting, and made him fit into the schema of the work, but we've got the basic elements of a person, overwhelmed with jealousy, turning bestial and sub-human as he crawls into a damp cave, feeding on toads and frogs, forgetting his name, and always blindly watching.

Wow, that's an uncheerful note to end on. Oh, well!

Have a good one!


Cait said...

That is really cool about the precursor to Gollum. I'm going to admit that even though we were suppose to read the FQ in second year Ren I didn't read it. I also didn't read Paradise Lost. I know. I know. I really need to. But I think that it's wicked that there's an early Gollum character in FQ.

I also think that it's wicked that Tolkien, Lewis and others sat around at a pub, talking literature and then they decided to write the next great epic.

I feel that you, me and Jon Wong need to go to sit in a pub or a coffeeshop for a while.

Cait said...


I also love the pic that you used at the beginning of this post.

Christian H said...

I can't take the credit for the picture. I stole it from Google.

Well, that can happen this September. The Goat?

Cait said...

The Goat it is. We should tell Jon.


JON WONG!! You're coming to the Goat with us in September!!

Jon Wong said...

I would just like to note that my Edmund Spencer book is still in its original plastic wrap. Christian made a note of it when he was at my place.

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