Friday, 28 August 2009

Awesome Writing

Do you know what I love?

Read the post title.

For instance, Tycho from Penny Arcade has a way with words that is almost painful in complexity. However, the sheer craftedness of what he writes is utterly bewildering. As someone who fumbles around at this sort of thing, trying to find something like a voice for, what, five different genres? (fiction, blog posts, essays, poetry, letters and e-mails), reading people who have such unique and polished forms of expression is an intoxicating experience. This won't be the first time I've linked to Penny Arcade, but I'll do it again:

And I've just added THE INTERN to my blogroll. Here is an example:

I just wrote a post about blogs containing a person's voice. I get a sense that Tycho is writing in his own voice, while THE INTERN is using a fabricated one. However, I also get the sense that INTERN has so thoroughly inhabited this voice--and bases it partly on her internal monologues and joking speech patterns with friends--that it has become an authentic voice to her, one which she uses at least to herself in the meat world, outside of the blogosphere.

I need a bloody life. I need to volunteer or make some friends or something. I cannot go on living through the Internet for the next year.

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