Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I'm Pointing an Arrow

I'd like to recommend a blog right now. That blog is Conversion Diary. It's been on my blogroll for some time, but I assume that most people don't pour over their fellow bloggers sidebars on a daily basis due to the fact that they're not only bored witless but deprived of the social contact they are used to. (Inhale.) Anyway, in case you didn't see the link, or, having seen it, was for one reason or another disinclined to follow it, I would like to encourage you to take a look over there.

In particular I want to send you there because of the incredible peace and wisdom I sometimes find there. This post (the most recent as I write) is what prompted me to recommend it, but there have been others.

I don't know how a non-Christian of any variety would respond to this blog: it's written by a feminist atheist-turned-Catholic housewife, about her spiritual journey. I started reading it as a fallout from an argument with a housemate over the number of people who were raised in the religious tradition they follow. I was looking for a realistic and detailed account of a conversion that was more than just lapsed --> not lapsed, but instead rabid atheist --> devoted Christian. It turned out that Conversion Diary has just won some Blogger's Choice awards, which I had been perusing to find some cool new sites to follow.

Anyway, go read.

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Cait said...

So I checked it out - I think I've looked at it once before but you're right that post is...well it's something else. I definitely felt this feeling of peace kind of encircle me I was reading.

I'm following the blog now because I a) don't have much peace within lately and b)need some daily encounter with God and this'll help

so thanks for writing a post about it :)

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