Friday, 22 August 2008

Homeward Bound


I am soon headed homeward. I am happy about this.

1) I get to play with my dogs again. This is probably the most exciting prospect of going home.
2) I get two weeks during which the amount of work I do will be shockingly minimal. Given the heavy-lifting I've had to do today, an easy few weeks will be most appreciated.
3) I will eventually going back to school, which means reunions with friends, tantalizing forays into academia, and a city that is very pretty in autumn.
4) I will be able to access a bunch of my poetry, essays, etc., which I can post on my blog.

There are things I am less excited about.

1) I have an appointment at the dentist's. I have not been flossing. They will notice, and lecture me.
2) I might actually miss Fort McMurray and wonderful weekend trips (I suppose I haven't blogged about Jasper yet). If nothing else, the amazing Albertan sky will be missed for the winter.
3) Schoolwork will come. This means stress. Also, my extra-curriculars may finally start to amount to something this year.
4) The red-eye plane-ride, given my longish legs and inability to sleep while airborne, may not be so fun.

But, in general, I am very, very happy to be homeward bound!

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