Thursday, 28 August 2008

I found you on Google

I'm not sure whether I want to post this one or not. I've set the deadline ahead, so I have time to think about it.

I found you on Google

I found you on Google, like any good romance;
from the Midwest you fascinate with your joint selves,
attract attention with votre limbs, life, everything,
twin infatuations and more than pretty book-ends.
The ribald mass speculates whether your seperate hearts
require seperate lovers, whether you'd both moan for one,
whether adultery comes with second heads. I'll serve
you as two mistresses, for I'd have you both uniquely.
I cannot know you so I imagine I share myself
with a doppelganger, make-believe the diplomacy
of one pair of legs and two directions; I fail.
Between your collarbones is the symbol of sibling rivalry
resolved, and I send you my anonymous love
and hope that you can find it in yourselves to share.

This has generally garnered praise from those who've read it--including the professor mentioned in the previous sonnet post. I, however, am slightly uncomfortable publishing it because it's a love sonnet (and something of an erotic sonnet) written to real people who I don't know. If I put it on the Internet, I 1) might look like a creep/loser and 2) might embarass said real people, who would recognise themselves, I'm sure.

There is a story behind this. It's a companion to "Everyone deserves fourteen lines." I had thought about that poem, and decided an interesting next poem would be written to two people instead of to no one. I had also been thinking about writing a poem about the subjects, and these two ideas merged into one. Since it's a sonnet, I just automatically wrote it as infatuatous (I don't think that's a word). So I don't actually want a relationship with them; it's the form. Lots of people do think/speak the sentiments I'm expressing, though, based on the sort of on-line discussions I've seen. Despite all that, I would like to meet them. (And, yes, they are kind of cute, though a little young for me.)

And they are conjoined twins, if you haven't gathered that yet.

So that's the story behind this. Yikes, it's long, and I've said that I hate disclaimers.

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