Monday, 25 August 2008

the long vesper

It's been some time since I published any poetry, so I'll type one out now. Give you a taste. I wrote this for a class, but it was an 'open' sort of assignment.

the long vesper

O Morpheus
the darkness ebbs from my fingers
my tongue catches the dream's edge
twisting thoughts might presage sleep
but the poppies surround your bed, not mine

O VanWinkle
your snores changed the world
while the darkness fluxes, changeless
before my closed eyes and failing nocturnes
and I shall toss the duration of your rest

O Simon Peter
three times you and the disciples slept among the olives
and you had a watch to keep and a prayer to cry
I have no vigil to maintain
but still the pillow kisses my waking temple

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