Monday, 11 August 2008

On the Rest of Saturday

When I got home from InterPLAY on Saturday I started supper; however, the power went out half-way through, and supper didn't get cooked. The power-outage also knocked out all of the restaurants in walking distance. My Dad, brother, and I finally managed to get wheels (the van having died in one of my brother's recent adventures) from my cousin, and we went down to the Lower Townsite/Downtown to see about the van and then to eat.

We ate at MacRay's in Gregoire, and I had a Meat Scrambler, which is awesome. We're looking at hashbrowns in the bottom, covered in eggs scrambled with sausage, ham, and beef, coated in turn with melted cheese. Incredible.

Anyway, we then dropped my brother off at work (he was on the night shift this past weekend), and went home. My cousin was watching the Olympics--Mexico v. Brazil, women's beach volleyball. This is an event in the Olympics? I had thought beach volleyball was just an excuse to watch young people frolicking in swimsuits/to frolic with young people in swimsuits. Who knew it was a real sport? (And I'll grant that probably quite a few people watch the Summer Olympics--particularly synchronized diving--to see young people frolicking in swimsuits.)

Then my brother called us and told us to look outside, because the Aurora Borealis was out. I'd never seen it before. It's something of a shame that it wasn't more spectacular, but what do you expect in the late summer, in the city, at 10:30 at night?

And then when I was writing the last blog about Saturday, a little green leaf hopper was hopping around the computer, including on my arms, hands, and glasses. He was quite the little fella.

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