Saturday, 9 August 2008

On InterPLAY, Oil Sands Discovery Centre, and more

This is the first day off after my exhausting twelve. Because of the interesting things involved, I thought I would tell you about my day.

I woke at about 10:00, had breakfast, did the dishes, and caught the 12:00 bus downtown. There I visited InterPLAY.

InterPLAY is an annual street festival in Fort McMurray. The block along Franklin between Main St. and Hardin St. is blocked off and covered with tents and booths. These tents and booths contain assorted vendors, psychics, plays, musicians, information booths, and events. Further, a large stage is erected for various musical competitions, the circular outdoor theatre at the library is used for various acts--last year I saw acrobats and firejugglers, and areas are designated for street performers. During my first visit to InterPLAY today, I bought an immense elephant ear--similar to the beaver tails available in Quebec--and I watched a particular performer whose act I will eventually relate.

After the magician's act, I went to Peter Pond Shopping Centre to shop for birthday presents, but realized I had no idea what to buy yet and just went to Pita Pit instead. I was served by a very friendly guy there and had an excellent BLT pita with cucumbers, green peppers, pineapple, and mayonnaise.

I then caught a bus out to the Oil Sands Discovery Centre to do some research on the 'sands. The bus ride up to Gregoire is not one I have made before, and it is long. Once there (in the glorious air conditioning), I took in a movie and jotted down info. This was my third visit, so I already knew the gist--it was the specifics I was after.

I then caught another long bus ride back downtown, where I discovered that the bus to Thickwood didn't arrive for another half hour. I bought a Coke at a gas station, and then watched a street performer until I my bus arrived.

And I had other amazing adventures today (seriously), but I need to go to bed now, so I will. I'll tell you tomorrow.

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