Wednesday, 27 August 2008



Looking back:
I've changed the layout again. Previously I'd liked the library-and-parchment feel of the "Scribe" layout, but I've just switched to this one--Minima, I think--and I like how clean it feels. I'll keep it for a while. That's not to say I wasn't happy with Scribe, but I'll stick to this for now.
I've also started posting more poetry again, and may or may keep this up a bit. On the one hand, I do like showing off a little; on the other hand, it isn't cool for guys to write poetry; if I had a third hand, on it I'd say that worrying about looking cool is the first sign that you aren't, but, then, if I had a third hand looking cool would be a whole new ballgame (and so would ballgames).

Looking forward:
I'm seeing some plays in the near future (four of them), and may review them. Also, I'm itching to write a review of Domino, which I just saw and want to talk about. Finally, I may start throwing down some of my Religious Studies academia, but maybe not. Time will be an issue, and I need to go to bed right now. Headache, and all.
I'm going to school in a week, so there'll be some content shift then.
And I have news I'm bursting to write on here, but I'll have to wait, because it will involve sacrificing my anonymity and I have these Internet-paranoia fears which tell me not to. Oh, well.

Until then,

-The English Clergyman

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